Uri Zvi Greenberg


When you return to the land to inherit and possess it,

/ set a king over you

And give all, give all to your king:

Throw off your jewels, give them to him, because his magnificence

/ shall be yours.

Be poor and he will be rich on the throne of your land:

Because through his wealth shall come yours, and his currency

/ gold.

The best of your sons, your metals and your fabrics your bread

/ and your wine for his army:

Because his strength is your strength

And you, fathers of fine warriors, raise your eyes and see:

Every field in your land plow well, tilling it to its limit.

And when you reap bring your blessed harvest to the king's

/ granaries.

And when there shall be great prosperity in the land, come to

/ your king and say:

Your loyal subjects have brought this wealth to your granaries!

Now, give us our fair share and we shall thank the Lord for this

/ wealth.

And the king shall command to give each one his fair share lest

there be anyone dejected or depressed among you

Because he also plowed, planted and harvested too.

And then you will stand opposite your king and say in prayer to

/ heaven:

Our father in heaven, blessed is our share, for you have blessed

/ the fruit of our labor in the field

It is our honor.

Blessed are you the G-d of Israel that has given us a field for a

/ grand kingdom,

Dew and rain in season,

And the name of our king will persevere, in his days and our days

/ heroic peace shall reign over Israel.